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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  October 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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i'm thomas roberts and kate snow. hey, elwood, what's up, bud? kate snow is ready to go. >> i'll pick it up right now. thanks, thomas. good afternoon, everyone. i am kate snow. this is beautiful farmville, virginia. it's a small community. it's about an hour's drive from richmond, virginia. longwood university, one of the 100 oldest schools in america. that's where we are today. the civil war actually ended right here on this campus. and now more than 150 years later, longwood university again, the center of american political life, at least for a day. the vice presidential debate starts here in six hours from now. let's begin it all with katy tur, she's out with donald trump in arizona. where he'll be later tonight. tell me what's up with donald trump and what he's anticipating from mike pence. >> reporter: well, he assumes pence will be doing well against kaine, that's what the campaign is hoping for.
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pence has a mountain to climb today, just trying to reason how he's been on the disagreement side of donald trump, things like ttp and the muslim ban. he voted for the iraq invasion. these are things he doesn't agree with donald trump and they are fundamental issues of his campaign. how can he defend himself against those attacks in the debate against tim kaine? mike pence has been prepping for this debate since he got the vice presidential nod from donald trump. he's been doing this in a way donald trump has, frankly, not. they are two different politician simps you can see how they're preparing for their respective debates. he's been doing formal debate issues and informal debate prep for months preparing for tonight. donald trump has not done that. he's been more of a shoot-from-the-hip style candidate. tonight donald trump is not going to be at the debate. he'll be here in arizona in just
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a little while, prescott, arizona. it's an area where he's hoping to turn out more of his base. this county we're in right now is about 90% white, give or take a few percentage points. it's also predominantly made up of those without a college degree and those who made less than the national average. these are folks that historically have gone for donald trump, they're the ones we hear about in polling. it's not necessarily the folks he needs to turn out to add to his base of support, women and minorities. if he was looking for that, he would not be going to this particular county in arizona. arizona is particularly a red state but not so right now. the latest polling shows a dead heat between donald trump and hillary clinton. two polls showing both of them, donald trump in the lead in one poll, hillary clinton in the lead in the other, but only by a couple of percentage points. it's very much a statistical tie and very much up for grabs.
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what donald trump isoing is he hopes his base of supporters, his predominantly white male base of supporters without a college degree come out and vote for him in larger numbers than hillary clinton's base of supporters. he can turn out more of those voters and she can turn out minorities and women. it's basically an arms race right now, an enthusiasm race. who has it on their side and who will actually show up to the polls in november? >> i was going to ask about that because arizona has gone republican for every year since 1982, except bill clinton was the one exception. last week the arizona republican party backed hillary clinton. there was some back lash. what are you hearing from voters? >> reporter: the voters for donald trump don't care about those endorsements. that's a feeling of anti-establishment sentiment in
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these crowds we see. the more endorsements donald trump gets, frankly, if he gets any endorsements, the less it does to feed into this and change washington. every time a major paper comes out and endorses hillary clinton, that enables donald trump to come out on stage and say, i'm fighting for you, the little guy. i'm not fighting for those who traditionally have been in power, those who traditionally have the say. i'm going to give you your say. voters don't care about it, they push back against it, donald trump supporters, those antagonistic towards trump, certainly find support and girding in the endorsements, the anti-endorsements. they're trying to find a way to relay that to their counterparts through donald trump supporters. right now there's just this gulf of opinion between these two sides. very much if you're supporting
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donald trump, you believe that you need someone that's going to go into washington and change things. if you're supporting hillary clinton and you're anti-donald trump, you believe he's the last person that's going to be able to do that. and that, in fact, he's going to be more in favor of himself than the little guy. there's not a lot of room in between right now, kate. there's not a lot of folks out there who are undecided in this race at the moment. >> katy tur out in arizona with donald trump, where he'll be a little later tonight. thanks so much. the vice presidential debate starts here about six hours from now. hillary clinton, meantime, is out in pennsylvania. nbc's kelly o'donnell is tracking all the movements inside the debate hall, all the prep. i know you've interviewed mike pence in the past. let's start on the democratic side. tim kaine, what is he up to today? >> reporter: we can tell you we were outside when his motorcade rolled up here. the candidates have an
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opportunity to get a feel for the debate stage. being here in farmville, va vashgs the commonwealth of virginia, that tim kaine has represented as governor and senator. so it is home turf. he's made a stop with his wife at a museum in farmville that commemorates the student birthplace of the civil rights movement. that's certainly in line with some of the ideas and vision of his campaign. that's part of the way they tried to start this day. we're in the spin room. that's where the stronger together message is, where advocates for hillary clinton and tim kaine have a chance to talk about their ideas. right over here is the making america great again corner. that's for those surrogates and advocates for trump and pence. so, kaine has been doing some prep work. yesterday they were really spending a lot of time going through things, trying to put mike pence in the position of having to answer for what donald trump has said and to get ready because although he's an experienced debater, sop of his
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aides and associates say, this is new for tim kaine because he's speaking not only for himself and trying to hold his own positions and present his own record. he's got to do that for hillary clinton, too. of course, there are a couple areas where they have not always been in lock step, on the trade ttp that's been so controversial through this election year. tikaine had been supportive of it. hillary clinton is not. he's sort of taking that position. and on matters related to abortion rights and services, a difference there. tim kaine believes in what's known as the hyde amendment, been on the books for 40 years where no federal money can be used for abortion services. he may have to answer for some of that. i'm told from the pence side to expect them to go after kaine's record as governor and senate, about taxes, things like that, job growth. and to put pence and kaine head-to-head as two governors to give a sense to the voters of some of the issues. we know that mike pence will be
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ready in case tim kaine wants to steer things towards donald trump's more controversial comments or positions. i'm told mike pence is preparing to pivot to issues and policy and try to get on the things where they think they can make a case for the voters that the future vision of a trump/pence vision is more of what voters want today. there's a lot of elbowing that will happen tonight but these two men have a reputation for being rather sunny in their dispositions, not bomb-throwers in the political sense. we'll see that play out, defending themselves, arguing their own case and trying to do that for the top of the ticket as well kate? >> kelly, i think we actually have some sound of yours. is this mike pence who you talked to recently? >> yes, that's great. i'm glad year able to use this. we had a chance to speak with mike pence. we talked to him about his preparation for the debate, wisconsin governor scott walker had been the stand-in for tim kaine. and there was a lot of homework
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being done. here's a bit of that. >> reporter: does your friend, governor walker, have tim kaine down yet? does he have that ready for you for the debate? >> i'm just so grateful for his help, the debate prep. i know my running mate is going to be ready. >> reporter: high stakes. >> when he walks out on that debate stage, hs going to bring a lifetime of experience and that bold truth-telling and we're willing to do the same, our level best. the vice presidential debate, i think, is going to be an opportunity for me to lay out, again, donald trump's vision to make america great again, but also to lay out the choice. i mean, hillary clinton essentially offers a third obama term, an administration that's essentially seen us weaken america's place, stifle america's economy, walk away from some of our most cherished constitutional traditions.
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i look forward to laying out that contrast, helping to lay out that vision. and i'm grateful for all the support we're getting. >> reporter: so, expect that pivot to things about hillary clinton when talking to tim kaine tonight. and also there's that difference. donald trump did not do the mock debates and the full run-throughs. mike pence did several of those, according to aides. the kind of traditional prep that, perhaps, the whole campaign saw value in after the first presidential debate. and it's much more true to mike pence's own history of being someone who's done debates and done traditional debate prep. they'll be on their talking points. they have their goals. and for tonight, the country's really going to get to meet these candidates for many voters who aren't as familiar. kate? >> kelly o'donnell with all of that. great insight. appreciate it so much. comingup, what's at stake tonight with 40% of americans unable to actually name the vice presidential candidates. will tonight's debate move the needle at all? first, a memorable debate moment from back in 2008.
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>> nice to meet you. i can call you joe? thanks. thank you. thank you thank you.
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welcome back to longwood. it is debate night. two men on one stage fighting for the responsibility to be one heartbeat away from the presidency. to get us ready, mike halpren.
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thank you. >> thank you. >> some of your friends out here. >> happy vp debate day. the one and only vp debate. we talk about how 30% to 40% of people don't know who they are, who mike pence and tim kaine are. let's introduce people a little bit to these two. the governor of indiana is mike pence. he's been there since 2013. he was a congressman for 12 years, before that he was a tv host, a radio guy for seven years as well. there's only one donald trump, though. how does he outshine or does he need to outshine donald trump? what does he need to do tonight? >> i think always a foolish effort on the part of vice presidential nominee to try to outshine the person at the top of the ticket. they're there to talk about their boss in some sense and validate them, to try to maybe sand off some rough edges. that's what the debate is always about. that's the way they prep, to try to talk the other nominee from the other party and mostly not -- it's not really about the two of them on stage. it's really about the people that aren't there. >> there are some rough edges
12:16 pm
there, mark, for him to sand down. does he need to make up for all that's happened over the past week? >> i think tim kaine will try to exploit that. i think it's ironic in the year of the outsider, hillary clinton and donald trump chose consummate insiders. they're not well to the general public but insiders know them both in the political world and media world. both come in with less pressure than you usually see on candidates to prove anything. i don't think anybody is holding their breath saying, is mike pence not going to seem like he's ready for prime time or tim kaine? they'll be more focused on scoring points against the top of the ticket. no doubt tim kaine has a richer target of opportunity here, for two reasons, donald trump has no m momentum, very little compared to donald trump and kaine and hillary clinton agree where trump and pence don't always
12:17 pm
agree. >> tim kaine has been a u.s. senator since 2013. he was the governor of virginia from 2006 to 2010. before that he was lieutenant governor, mayor of richmond near here, along with being the dnc chairman, democratic national committee chairman. what's his task tonight? he aligns pretty well with the policies of hillary clinton. >> it's all those things plus the fact this is home field advantage for him. he's here debating in a state where he's run nine times previously and won every campaign he's run. he's a mild-mannered guy and comes across like he's got the dad jeans and dad jokes but he's been a street fighter in his political career. he's won every race he's run. you know, he's got a lot of areas where he can also try to find daylight between sxens trump. there's a lot of things trump has said in the past week that he'll want to try to make pence defend on trump's part, at least explain.
12:18 pm
and he's also not having to make up for a poor debate performance on the part of hillary clinton. he can try to reach out -- the democratic base right now, the part is happy with how she performed. he can try to reach out to swing voters and not try to have to buck up the democratic base because of a poor perform debate performance. >> does he do that by referencing mike pence's record in indiana? he's got a record that the lbgt community, for one, really doesn't like in indiana. i wonder if tim kaine will try to use that to get the middle? >> tim kaine is being prepared for these debates by the se team preparing hillary clinn. they're the best in the business on the democratic side at doing this. i bet you tim kaine has in his head stuff about mike pence's record as a congressman, as governor of indiana, that mike pence may not remember. he'll hit him with some of that tonight, i'm almost certain. >> the reverse could be true, too. pence could be prepared with kaine's record here in virginia, his record on the death penalty,
12:19 pm
for example. >> there's no doubt -- look, i think pence has the harder political challenge tonight than kaine has. no doubt pence in addition to trying to buck up the republican base and reassure moderate voters that he vouches for donald trump. and that trump's temperament is suitable to the oval office. he'll take some shots at tim kaine, particularly on some things he's done for criminal defendants. you can imagine some things he'll take shots on. you'll see inevitably that pence's job tonight is more kind of defense than it is offense. and the opposite's true for tim kaine. >> let me ask you about one more thing. michael reagan, the son of ronald reagan, getting some attention today. went on a tweet storm, if you will, after donald trump questioned whether hillary clinton was loyal to bill clinton the other night. reagan said, there's no way he or his father would support, quote, this garbage, that he was embarrassed by trump. he asked people to stop comparing trump to his father. does that matter or resonate with trump supporters, do you
12:20 pm
think? does anyone go, oh, that's reagan's family saying that. >> there are all sorts of prominent people in the bush family, reagan family who have been critical of donald trump. you've got the prospect that there are tens of millions of republicans that will vote for donald trump and don't seem swayed by elites, even if they're from a famous, popular family weighing in against him. >> it does make it hard -- any republican nominee wants to don the mantel of reagan. it's hard for donald trump to say i'm the inhater of ronald reagan if reagan's own children don't back that. it takes away a talking point. >> great to be with you on debate night. appreciate it. they are bloomberg politics managing editors and host of "which all due respect" which airs right here on msnbc. next up, did bill clinton take a swing at obama's affordable care act while campaigning for hillary? >> all of a sudden 25 million
12:21 pm
more people have health care and some are busting sometimes 60 hours a week wind up with premiums doubled and coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> just moments ago the white house weighed in on that. we'll get to that plus the southeast coast under threat as hurricane matthew, the most powerful atlantic storm in nearly a decade, barrels through the caribbean, headed north. the category 4 storm could force millions from florida to carolinas to evacuate. ♪
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back here live at longwood university, farmville, virginia. mike pence and tim kaine will be taking the stage here about 5 1/2 hours from now for their one and only debate. and the crowd here, they're ready. you guys ready everybody's ready for action. for more i want to bring in democratic senator barbara boxer, a clinton supporter. senator, nice to see you again.
12:25 pm
how are you? >> terrific. how are you? >> i'm doing well. it's exciting out here. it's a big night for the vice presidential candidates. our reporter on pence tells us we should expect that he will go after hillary clinton's trustworthiness tonight. he'll bring that up. does tim kaine -- how does tim kaine defend against that? >> well, i think there's an overriding situation here that we can't overlook. there will be specific ways each candidate will attack, but overall we're looking at extreme versus mainstream. between trump as being extreme, hillary being mainstream. believe me, it carries to their vice presidential running mates. when you look at mike pence, he got a zero from retired americans because he wanted to end social security and medicare, as we know it. he's the one who started the planned parenthood craziness with shutdowns. he started that. he signed a horrible law in
12:26 pm
indiana as governor which would have destroyed businesses there, when tim kaine was governor, five out of six years virginia was rated the top state for business. in the last year, it was the second top state. so, i think you're going to see that reflected. frankly, i know tim kaine very well. served on the sam committee with him, foreign relations. he's kind, thoughtful. he's highly respected by republicans and democrats alike. and i think that will shine through. >> senator, let me ask you about bill clinton. he made news yesterday in flint, michigan. he was talking about obamacare. then he said -- he offered a critique. let's listen to what he said yesterday. >> the people getting killed in this deal are small business people and individuals who make just a little too much to get any of these subsidies. why? because they're not organized. he they don't have any
12:27 pm
bargaining power with insurance companies and they're getting whacked. you have this crazy system where 25 million more people have health care and people are busting 6 0 hours a week with premium doubled and coverage cut in half. it's the craziest thing in the world. >> just a few moments ago the president tried to clarify what he meant. >> look, the affordable hoelt care act did a world of good. the effort to repeal it were a terrible mistake. we for the first time in our history are at least providing insurance to more than 90% of our people. >> senator, he did, though, again speak about people who don't qualify for subsidies under the plan. the white house press secretary about an hour ago said he should have chosen different words yesterday. do you agree? >> this is what i can tell you
12:28 pm
right now. we knew when we passed obamacare, we were going to get millions on the rolls. we have done better than we thought. we also said, you have to make sure you stay on top of it. there's a program called risk corridors. it needs to be changed, needs to be fixed. the republicans, because they want to destroy health care for all, refuse to come to the table on that, so the fact that we have pockets of problems shouldn't be surprising. and that's why it's so important to elect hillary clinton. she's going to elect to fix that where donald trump will take health care away from tens of millions of americans. so, of course, it needs to be fixed. i don't shy away from criticism of obamacare. everybody knows we have work to do. and the question is, are we going to work together to fix the problems. we know how to solve them. or are we going to just keep fighting as to whether or not we should give the opportunity for health care to our people. that's the basic question. trump wants to just take it away. and hillary clinton wants to
12:29 pm
make it better. >> donald trump and hillary clinton face off next sunday, a town hall style format. we've been reporting chris christie, governor of new jersey, has been coaching or helping trump get ready for this one. do you think hillary clinton needs to be prepared for a more prepared donald trump, for a more aggressive trump on sunday? >> hillary clinton needs to do what she does best. she needs to prepare. she needs to be herself. she needs to take him on in just the right way. and i have every confidence in her. chris christie, as far as i'm concerned, i would not want to be coached by someone like that. who didn't tell the truth about bridgegate and is such a bully. he's a bully. you have a bully coaching a bully. lord knows what we'll see. bully times to. >> we have a number of new polls out, quinnipiac poll out of ohio
12:30 pm
shows your candidate is down five points in the critical state of ohio. what does she need to do to get that up? do you think her message isn't resonating there? >> i think she needs to campaign her heart out in all of these swing states. she's doing very well in most of them. i'll be going to ohio to try and energize the base. i know bernie sanders is going to be helping energize millenials. i think a lot of folks will work ohio. donald trump won't be able to rest on his five-point laurels. he'll have to fight for it. we'll have to fight for it. and we are up for it. >> california senator barbara boxer, nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. we are still tracking hurricane matthew in the caribbean. the category 4 storm pounding haiti and cuba at this hour. the president has canceled an
12:31 pm
event tomorrow in florida. matthew could impact florida up to the carolinas. let's turn to dylan dreyer with the forecast. folks on the east coast bracing for this as well. >> they need to because the forecast is coming more and more in line that this could certainly impact the southeast coast of the united states. right now, though, it is still a very strong category 4 hurricane moving past haiti and approaching the eastern tip of cuba. winds are up to 145 miles per hour. it's moving north at 10 miles per hour. so, if we take it on the track, you can see it's going to -- from the national hurricane center, it's forecast to maintain as category 4 storm all the way through its trek in the bahamas. thursday, at 8:00 in the morning, still with winds at 130 miles per hour. then after that, again, the model is coming more into line that it's going to hug the coast line of eastern florida. also of georgia. then the national hurricane center has it making landfall along the coast of north and south carolina, perhaps as a category 2 storm.
12:32 pm
then it makes its way back ought to see as a category 1 storm as we go into sunday morning. want to point out this shading here. this is the cone of error. the storm could track further to the west, meaning higher implications to the east coast. if it tracks a little further to the east, we would see lesser effects. it bears watching because there's a lot to iron out in this practical right now. we have hurricane warnings through the eastern part of cuba and bahamas. we still have the hurricane watch in effect for the central east coast of florida, too, which is why you need to prepare now because if that storm tracking a little further to the west, we could see significant impacts in florida. hurricane-force winds are extending 6 0 miles out from the center of the storm. it's a fairly tightly packed storm, but this yellow circle indicates how far out the tropical storm force winds are extending. that will continue through the baham bahamas. we will see even if this storm stays out to sea, tropical storm force winds along the coast of
12:33 pm
florida, georgia, south carolina and eventually up into north carolina as well. as for rain, we've already had reports of more than 16 inches in western haiti. we're looking at flash flooding and mud slides still a possibility. eastern cuba could see up to 20 inches of rain. as it moves through the turks and caicos we could see a 10-foot storm surge, localized flooding. even along the coast of florida we could see up to 10 inches of rain, which could lead to more flooding. we're looking if it takes this track close enough to north and south carolina, 7 up to 10 inches of rain possible. there's a lot to iron out because this takes us all the way through next weekend. there is still time to see how this storm interacts with land and what it's going to do to the east coast. you really need to prepare now. this is a big storm. it's expected to weaken to a category 2. that's enough to cause coastal damage. we are watching it closely. kate? >> great message. get prepared now, start watching
12:34 pm
and preparing. thanks so much. let's jump back to politics again. two big stories. election day is around the corner. 35 days, to be exact. when you have this many surrogates out today, can you tell it's close. eight events in all for the democrats, split up define serious name power. three clintons, two obamas, bernie sanders, elizabeth warren are out there and throw in actress elizabeth banks. a preumptive strike from the clinton campaign, a new web video aimed at calling trump and pence the same. they call pence, quote, a divisive, anti-woman, anti-worker extremist. kristen welker is traveling with the clinton campaign. she just landed in harrisburg, pennsylvania, and joins us by pony. what's happening in your world. >> reporter: we literally just landed. you can probably hear the plane behind me. the press corps is getting onto a bus right now and heading to our next event.
12:35 pm
secretary clinton, in addition to that pre-emptive vik ystrike that new web ad had sharp words for donald trump earlier today when she appeared with her daughter chelsea and elizabeth banks. she asked what she would do if elected president to mitigate the controversial comments made by donald trump about women. she was forceful. she said we need to repudiate it, stand up to, it especially the bullying. today she was trying to energize one of her core voting blocks, women voters in what is going to be a critical state. it's her firewall, pennsylvania. she started the day in a suburb of philadelphia. the suburbs of philadelphia, philadelphia itself, turnout there often determines what happens in the state of pennsylvania. right now she has a ten-point lead there, according to a monmouth poll just out today. she also talked about her plans to make college more affordable
12:36 pm
as well as gun control. sort of teeing up the scenes we might hear from tim kaine a little later on today. now, this comes as a lot of national polls shows she's getting a bump in the poll, including our survey monkey online poll which shows she's leading trump 50% to 49%. cnn/orc shows her up and cbs poll also shows her with a little bump. we're headed to our next event. again, she's going to try to keep the voters here in pennsylvania energized heading into tonight's one and only vp debate. >> kristen welker traveling with the clinton campaign in harrisburg, pa. thanks so much. up next, 90 minutes, nine segments. tim kaine gets to answer first. we'll have more details for you as we count down to tonight's vice presidential face-off. we're live at longwood university, farmville, virginia. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. now that fedex has helped us simplify our e-commerce,
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we are back out in front of ruffner fountain, a landmark here at longwood university, farmville, virginia, site of the vice presidential debate, 9:00 p.m. eastern time. i want to toss it over to my colleague, chris jansing, a few blocks from here in the debate hall. i assume last-minute debate preparations under way? >> reporter: yeah, there's always been the walk-throughs by the two candidates. i've actually come over to the spin room. you can see all these cameras that are set up. it's because there's been spinning going on. karen finney on the clinton side has been traveling with tim kaine. when i was out with them on monday, she was there with the vice presidential candidate. you cannot believe the contrast in style. she was asked about the strategy for tonight. she said he's going to make the case for clinton/kaine. he's very well prepared.
12:41 pm
i had just gotten off the phone with one of the senior advisers to donald trump, and when i asked what was going to happen with mike pence, the quote i got was the strategy is to blow them out of the water. -i going to be a ferrari versus a pinto. that gives you an idea of where the two campaigns are coming from. they also said, he is the one who is a choir boy act but american people are not going to buy it. so, the trump campaign really coming out on fire. look, this is not going to be the kind of numbers we saw nor are we going to see the kind of surrogates necessarily we saw for the presidential campaign. you know the stages are set up for both sides. there's make america great again for the trump campaign. and stronger together, but these debates really do make a difference. take a look at some of the ratings we have seen in the past for vice presidential debates. remember, there were 80, 84 million for the first
12:42 pm
presidential debate. for biden/palin, 70 million. bush/ferraro, 71 million. when you look at a couple of people who aren't known, kate, to most of the american public and who do need to come across as someone who can take the reins for president, and set themselves up potentially for a presidential run in the future tonight, extremely important, kate. >> chris jansing inside the debate hall. we'll be watching. thanks so much. joining me on our set at longwood university, ashley bell, senior strategist and national director of african-american engagement for the republican national committee. he served in that role since early august. nice to see you in person. good to be here at longwood. beautiful day. >> beautiful campus. >> chris just touched on this. "the daily beast" is calling the vp debate the thrilla in vanilla. low expectations that this is
12:43 pm
going to be kind of a borefest tonight. what does mike pence need to do to bring what chris yan sing is saying, promising electricity? >> i can tell you, governor pence needs to show everybody why donald trump picked him, which i know he will tonight. this was donald trump's first big decision since become our party's nominee. he'll show he knows how to govern and donald trump surrounds people. >> you're doing african-american outreach for the rnc. this was the rally last night in pueblo, colorado. i'll get your reaction on the other side. >> we're a divided nation. each week it seems we're getting more and more divided with race riots on our streets on a monthly basis. somebody said, don't call them race riots, but that's what they are, race riots. it's happening more and more. >> "snl" made fun of this the other night, joking saying it's
12:44 pm
like everyone lives on one street in chicago. is that message working in the appeal to african-american voters? >> well, he's speaking to a truth that many times we're all more divide than we need to be as a country. i think we've seen domestic terrorism in our country and it's unfortunate, whether it's charleston or other places. people have been trying to create that america, but that's not the america donald trump wants. i think donald trump is speaking truth but he also is saying, we need to have a safer community, a safer country and we d need to have that type of america. >> you don't think that ail yan yen ates some african-american voters who are on the fence? >> donald trump is not afraid to speak to african-american voters or speak the truth. every poll shows we're doing better. i think you'll see historic numbers for donald trump because he's saying what you don't normally hear and people to want hear the truth. >> people think mike pence has to play clean-up for donald trump. do you dispute that or is that fair in the last week hasn't
12:45 pm
been great for that team? >> i think governor pence is going to do what he does best. he'll show we're ready to govern because he's a great leader in his state and he's going to show this party is ready to govern. he'll show donald trump's vision for america. if he does that, america will walk out of here saying, donald trump picks great people around him, he'll be a great president and a great administration. >> the trump supporters behind your shoulder. >> i see we have a few back there. yeah, yeah. >> ashley bell with the rnc. thanks so much. when we come back, we'll be checking in with charlie sykes, our friend in wisconsin, talking about tonight's debate. we're back live at longwood university. i'm claudine and i quit smoking with chantix. smoking's a monkey on my back. it was, it was always controlling your time, your actions, your money. it had me. it had me. i would not be a non-smoker today if it wasn't for chantix. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. welcome back at longwood university. for more on tonight's debate and the state of the presidential rooe race, i want to bring in
12:49 pm
charlie sykes, host of "midday with charlie sykes" in wisconsin and of course on msnbc regular contributor here. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> how are you feeling about tonight? what are you expecting? how high is the bar? >> i think three things. number one, i don't think anybody expects this debate will make any difference in the polls, won't move the needle, change anybody's mind. i think it will be more substantive, more based on the issues than the presidential debate. they might actually because of the, shall we say, the personality deficit of two candidates, they might actually talk about the issues. number three, i think this is the reason to tune in because one of these two guys actually might be the president some day. when's the last time we had two presidential candidates who would go into office with as many scandals hanging over their shoulder? there has to be that question in the back of your mind, whether one of these guys might be sitting behind the desk in the
12:50 pm
next four years. >> i know you're a never trump guy, we know that, but "the new york times" recently reported that mike pence reached out to you and tried to ease the tensions that you have with donald trump and his and tried to ease the tensions that you have with donald trump. how did that go and were you convinc convinced? >> he's a very gracious man and a bridge to conservative. he has gone from paul ryan and scott walker. we had a nice conversation. he was welcome to come on my show and said he was never going to come around. to the extent that mike pence wants to advance ideas, i'm open to that and mike pence can't make up for donald trump being donald trump. he can't do a brain transplant. this will be a donald trump candidacy no matter what mike
12:51 pm
pence said. >> appreciate your insight on this day. let's go back to the hurricane that we are following. nicky haley, the governor of south carolina announcing that the national guard will evacuate coastal communities of south carolina. it's also coming on the heels of breaking news out of haiti that we are getting in. hurricane matthew still pounding that island nation at this hour. a key bridge has been destroyed or is not working at the moment which say real problem for that country. dave is down in port-au-prince. what do you know about this privilege falling out? >> it's a bridge in one of the communities on the southern peninsula that has been so hard hit. in the early damage report, they have been hard getting out there with hurricane matthew and that
12:52 pm
made landfall. and on that peninsula, we are hearing that the bridge in this town has collapsed and local media reporting that people were swept away and they will aid organizations in that community. we have seen the rain here throughout the day. and that could lead to more. this is an ongoing situation here in haiti. this is hurricane matthew and winds of 144 miles an hour. bearing down on the eastern part of cuba. as you mentioned now, threatening the east coast of the united states with south
12:53 pm
carolina governor calling for the evacuation of the coastal communities in south carolina earlier this week. kate? >> dave gutierrez and let's stay with the story. as gabe mentioned, the south carolina governor calling for an evacuation of coastal counties and that starts at 3:00 a.m. eastern time. that could change based on the track of the storm. as we saw with dylan a short time ago, it looks like from both mottles, it will have an impact on coastal carolina. he was asked if it was voluntary, we don't do voluntary or mandatory. it is an evacuation. in the approach of the storm, we will have much more on the hurricane after we take a quick break.
12:54 pm
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12:57 pm
>> just in. the south carolina governor nicky haley is ordering the evacuation of coastal areas of south carolina beginning tomorrow afternoon. it is set for throw:00 p.m. eastern time. let's go to cal perry monitoring all the developments. folks from florida is starting to get prepared. >> as we look at the map, the coastal area especially will be seeing the same levels in hurricane sandy. that's devastating. that's a great concern for today. what we are worried about is that evacuation at 3:00 p.m. and today the concern is haiti and it will be a concern for the next week especially the recovery efforts.
12:58 pm
we have the major bridge that is route two and it bridges the northern with the southern hart of the country. that washed away. not necessary low a problem right now. everybody should be hunkered down, but when we talk about the recovery efforts and getting the things that people are going to need when the storm passes, this was going to be that major thoroughfare. they are moving from resources into the area. they added 200 marines. and cal florida is well in the path. have we heard anything idea? we are expecting another update around 5:00 p.m.
12:59 pm
>> we will have another update in just about an hour. this puts miami in the dead center. it goes out to sea, but florida, georgia, and north carolina are directly in the path of the storm. >> monitoring everything with hurricane matthew going on. thanks so much. as we have the two major stories on the same day, the vice presidential debate at longwood university. that's why we are here. that it do it for me. thank you all for doing it. steve picks up now. >> that's to the south of the
1:00 pm
nation's capital 90 minutes west of richmond for tonight's show. the vice presidential debate. this is full of running mates. tim kaine has the home advantage. both hoping to be off and away from the presidency. facing big challenges tonight. stop the bleeding and undeniably after. this is the trump campaign. and then there was the few. 3:00 a.m. new revelations about his taxes and now over the last 36 hours, new polls are telling us that th


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